Why Hire a Disability Lawyer?

Why Hire a Disability Lawyer?

Disability Issues

When a person is disabled because of an injury or illness, life can be extremely difficult. You will be unable to work, and may need on-going medical treatment, rehabilitation and home care. If the disability is severe, accomplishing even the simplest tasks could require the assistance of another individual. In many situations, without adequate financial resources, your quality of life will decline over time. Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) or Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) can provide the financial relief you need to improve your situation and help you enjoy life despite physical impediments.

An Arkansas social security disability benefits attorney should be consulted at once to find out about your disability options and how to more effectively manage your injury or illness. As a skilled lawyer, I will be able to evaluate your case and determine the best way to proceed when filing a claim.

Social Security Disability Attorney in Arkansas

If you are disabled, you may qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD), or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits if:

  • You have previously worked in jobs covered by Social Security
  • You are below retirement age
  • Your illness or injury is considered a disability according to SSA policies

Disabled veterans are eligible for DVA disability benefits if their illness or injury was related to their service in the military.

The Law Office of Mike Angel can provide competent advice regarding disability, and assist you in oftentimes frustrating process of filing a disability claim. Hiring a knowledgeable disability attorney can help expedite the claim process and ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. My name is attorney Mike Angel and I can be counted on to protect your rights to disability benefits if you are injured or ill, including filing appeals if your claim has been denied.

Contact an Arkansas Social Security Disability Attorney if you are injured or ill to find out your options regarding disability benefits.

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