• Professional & Friendly
    I was, unfortunately, using a different lawyer in the little rock area and after 2 years of waiting for even a hearing date I switched to Mike Angel, I had my disability in 8 months...Mr.Angel and his staff were very thorough and very professional. I would recommend Mr. Angel to anyone seeking disability. Thank you, Mr. Angel and staff, for a professional and friendly job very well done.

    - Tina J.

  • Compassion & Dedication
    Mr. Angel and his team of professionals worked diligently to ensure that I understood the process and my needs were met. Their compassion and dedication were very welcome and I highly recommend this firm.

    - Sue M.

  • Successful Outcome
    My disability was very complex and complicated. Mike Angel worked hard before and during my hearing for a successful outcome. Mike is a very knowledgable and competent disability attorney. He is truly the one that you want by your side to get the job done.

    - David T.

  • Professional, Knowledgeable & Nice
    Professional, knowledgeable, and nice. He and his staff were always pleasant and willing to answer questions. Plus, he helped win my case for me. What's not to like about that?

    - Terri D.

  • Wonderful Work
    Thanks for the wonderful work on my case I wouldn't have found a better attorney best wishes to you and your family I would highly recommend Mike Angel if you're trying to get your money.

    - Celeste S.

  • Very Attentive
    Mike Angel has been my attorney two different times in the last 7 years. On both occasions, he was very attentive and successfully won my case both times. I would highly recommend Mike Angel for your disability needs.

    - Cheri K.

  • True Professional
    I contacted Mr. Angel after being denied by SSA initially. He took my case and was there for me every step of the way. It took over a year to go before the Administrative law judge but Mr. Angel represented me like a true professional experienced expert attorney. I won my hearing and can now give a HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF!!!!!! Thank you all so much!!!!

    - Gary D.

  • Great Team to Work With
    First, I want to thank my attorney Mike Angel for providing excellent service. Second, I want to thank staff for staying on top of all. I had been fighting for 2 years and kept getting denied. I was on the verge of giving up. I want to commend Mr. Angel for getting the job done. He jumped in headfirst and fought until I was able to get my disability. If you get denied over and over of your disability and looking for someone to represent. You look no further. You've come to the right place. This is a great team to work with for a great outcome. Thank you guys for your hard work and dedication.

    - Abbie B.

  • Went Above and Beyond
    Mike Angel and his staff went above and beyond for me after being denied several times. Because of my age and complex situation, he worked hard and was able to win my case for temporary disability. He helped so so much and I would recommend him over and over again!!! Very professional and kind!

    - Renee G.

  • An Amazing Lawyer
    To say his last name fits is true. He really is an angel. I’ve been fighting for my social security for 14 years and he was the only attorney to take my case and believe that I had the right to request social security. Anybody looking for an amazing lawyer Mr. Angel is the one you’re looking for!!!

    - Kelley S.

  • Patience & Compassion
    I want to thank Mike Angel and his staff for their patience and compassion while waiting for my hearing. We received a last-minute notice and had 1 week before my hearing. They did not disappoint and were very capable. Mike Angel himself was very personable and knowledgeable about my specific case and I will always be sincerely grateful. Thank you very much

    - Teresa R.

  • So Helpful & Know Their Business
    Mr. Angel and his staff are so helpful and know their business!! I was so overwhelmed and confused about this whole process. Not to worry they have got you covered. If I had any questions they were answered with a phone call. Mr. Angel walked me through everything and made sure I knew that he was there for me every step of the way!! Thank you so much to Mr. Angel and his office staff for making me feel comfortable and less confused on this journey. I highly recommend Mr. Angel!! I couldn’t have gotten through this without him or his staff!!

    - Loretta M.

  • Excellent Experience
    Mike Angel was above & beyond professional & the friendliest Lawyer I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve never had such a pleasure dealing with a public figure like Mike. EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE IS A UNDERSTATEMENT!!! I was at my lowest point in life, I’ve never been so blessed, Mike explained that I worked all my life at around 37 plus years of working & deserved everything I was supposed to get. After around 3 denials in the same day, every time & letter from disability the next day, I had lost all faith in the system & contacted mike angel Office, around a year later court was allowed & around a Little over 2 months received my benefits. THANKS TO ALL PERSONAL AT MIKE ANGELS FIRM. I’m a very blessed man, Amen

    - Tommy B.

  • Mike Angel is a Genius
    Mike Angel is a genius in the knowledge and pursuit of benefits and his compassion alongside the long journey speaks louder than any words I could write. I am deeply grateful for all the diligence he and his staff invested in me which resulted in favorable results for me and my family. I thank God for Mike Angel.

    - Jeanine S.