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Understanding the System

It can be a shock to realize that you may be of an age or have a condition that makes you unable to earn a wage. For many of us, work has been a consistent and important part of our lives and something that we and our families depend upon. Most Americans have earned the right to have benefits of some kind from Social Security. It is a federal program that the majority of people have put money into with the hopes that when they need it, they will be able to receive their benefits.

At The Law Office of Mike Angel, it is my goal to provide high-quality legal services towards obtaining the benefits you now need. There are many myths and misconceptions regarding Social Security programs and I take the time to explain the programs, who is eligible, how they operate and what needs to be done to file a claim on your behalf. In my several decades of legal practice I have found that using a knowledgeable Hot Springs Social Security disability attorney can do two things for you. Your questions can be answered in a forthright and understandable manner and getting benefits can be a quicker and easier process.

Social Security Disability Attorney in Hot Springs

In my firm, I help you with the dos and don'ts of Social Security so that time and money is not wasted in your efforts to obtain benefits. I establish whether you are eligible for SSDI, SSI or long term disability benefits and ensure that all needed information is supplied to the Social Security Administration for your claim to be approved. If for any reason your claim is denied, I utilize the appeals process to persist towards getting proper benefits for you.

If you are a veteran and seek medical or pension benefits, I am credited by the Department of Veterans Affairs and thus able to work on your behalf. If you are in need of benefits, please don't hesitate to put my decades of experience to work for you.

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To receive high-quality legal services towards obtaining Social Security benefits, contact a Hot Springs Social Security disability lawyer from my office today.

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