Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Do you have a pre-existing medical condition?

Disability claims can be denied if insurance carrier decides that the injury or illness was a pre-existing medical condition. Insurance companies often have guidelines that prevent someone from receiving benefits if certain illnesses or injuries occurred in the past. In this state, a pre-existing condition is defined as any condition that for which you received medical treatment before enrolling in your current health plan. These earlier conditions can be permanently or temporarily excluded from your insurance policy. This can also affect your ability to obtain Social Security Disability Benefits if not properly handled.

If you have been denied benefits because of a pre-existing medical condition, an Arkansas disability benefits attorney should be contacted at once to review your case. As skilled lawyer, I can determine if any errors were made in evaluating the merits of your claim, as well as compile documentation that shows that your current illness or injury is not related to, or caused by a prior condition.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Attorney

Insurance carriers can refuse to pay a claim if the treatment was for a pre-existing medical condition. This includes any illnesses or injuries that might have occurred when changing from one policy to another. Some ways to dispute a denial based on a pre-existing condition include:

  • Pain caused by the new injury that is located in a different place that the old injury
  • Reduced physical ability due to the new injury or illness
  • The new injury made the prior injury worse
  • The new illness made the earlier illness more severe

The Law Office of Mike Angel can explain insurance policies regarding pre-existing conditions and discuss the best way to pursue filing a disability claim for an injury or illness. My firm has extensive experience in disability insurance claims and knows how carriers will review medical and other evidence when evaluating your case.

Contact an Arkansas Long Term Disability Attorney if you have been denied insurance benefits because of a pre-existing condition.

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