Filing a Claim

About Filing a Claim

Arkansas Social Security Disability Lawyer

Filing a claim for Social Security Disability (SSD) can be a frustrating experience. It involves the gathering and compiling of many sorts of information and the filling out of various forms and worksheets. If you want to file a claim, it may be best to consider the use of an experienced Arkansas social security disability attorney. Quite frequently, claims are denied when they are first applied for. If your claim is denied you do have the right to appeal it. The appeal must be filed within a specific amount of time and in a standard way. Although I definitely do assist individuals who have had their claims denied, it works best to be involved from the start of the claim, so that I can ensure it is properly filed.

The first step is to make certain you meet the requirements for disability from the Social Security Administration. "Disability" means that you are unable to work. The three items that are looked at to determine disability are:

  • That you are unable to do the work that did before
  • That you can't adjust to other work due to your medical condition (which will be decided by the administration)
  • That your disability has gone on for a year, is expected to go that length of time or to result in death

It is important for you to know that benefits aren't given for disabilities lasting under a year or for a partial disability.

Properly Preparing Your Claim

The next step is to compile information in order file your claim. This includes your full medical history including doctor names and addresses, diagnosis, treatments, medicines you are taking and other items. The places you have worked the type of work that you did and how long each job lasted will need to be provided.

Along with the above information, how your disability affects your ability to work will have to be explained. If you have problems lifting, carrying, sitting, walking or standing this will need to be noted. If you have trouble with concentrating or being able to finish work you have been assigned, this will also need to be communicated. At the Law Office of Mike Angel, I work diligently to ensure that your claim is fully compliant with the demands of the Social Security Administration.

If you want to ensure your claim for Social Security Disability is properly filed, contact an Arkansas Social Security Disability Lawyer for fast help.

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