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At The Law Office of Mike Angel, the basic procedure I follow is to first determine your eligibility for the program or under the Compassionate Allowance Program and then to ensure your claim is correctly filed per the requirements of the Social Security Administration. Even with the help of an experienced Arkansas social security disability attorney, first claims can be disapproved.

If your claim is denied, there are 4 levels of appeal that I am fully prepared to undertake in order to obtain the benefits you need. The Social Security Disability process and timeline can take from three to five months, so it's important to get started on the application as soon as you are disabled.

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Social Security disability benefits are paid only to those who suffer from a total disability. Partial disability or short-term disabilities do not qualify for Social Security Benefits. In plain terms, a person must have an illness or injury that significantly prevents them from doing basic work activities such as walking or sitting. It means you cannot do the work that you did before and are unable to adjust to other work, due to your medical condition.

Social Security specifically defines "disability" in terms of your being unable to work for a year or expected to be in that condition for a year or to result in death. They operate on the assumption that you will have other resources to take care of a short-term disability.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will disability payments last? Social Security will continue to pay benefits if your medical condition has not improved and you continue to be unable to work. They feel that due to medical advances, people can sometimes recover from serious illnesses and accidents. They expect to be informed if your medical condition improves. Your condition will be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure you are, in fact, suffering from a total disability. I can represent you throughout this process to ensure you are treated fairly.
  • How much will I receive in SSD payments? The amount you receive will depend upon your average lifetime earnings. It can also be affected by other government benefits that you receive. It is part of my job to make certain you understand the SSD program and how it is administered. I encourage your questions and look forward to helping you obtain your deserved benefits.

When a serious illness or injury has made you unable to work, immediately contact a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Arkansas for help in getting SSD benefits.